Pottery and Yoga

Okay!  I have learned to blog.  Good times.  

This week I am working on two video projects.  One is a wheel thrown pottery video for Joe Davis at MHCC.   I am currently editing that one in Premiere Pro and I'll have that up by Friday.  We are also in pre-production for the next one I am shooting on Wednesday. 

Another video project I am currently producing is for JEM Yoga Therapy.  I recorded the audio last week and I am shooting the video portion on Friday.  

In the music realm, Garrett and I had a great time picking for a few folks Sunday evening at the Mississippi Pizza Lounge.  I just scheduled every other Monday at Captured by Porches starting in mid June.  This is going to push me to find some pickers who will come out to that 'cause it's no fun to pick by yerself!